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Terms and conditions

  1. The purpose of the contract: The purpose of this contract is rental without driver of the car described in this contract’s specific conditions for private transport of passengers and their luggage. The renter must store a copy of the contract in the rented vehicle during the entire rental period.
  1. Hire period: The hire period is disclosed in the rental contract’s specific conditions and is determined from the date of receipt, the time of delivery date and the time relevant for the entire period. Thus, delivery of the vehicle before the contract period’s expiration does not entitle the renter to a full or partly repayment of the rent, nor of the payed insurances or deposits. Gogo Costa reserves the right to collect the vehicle at all times and will only be obliged to refund renter’s additional part of the rental payed in accordance to the rental contract.
  1. Prolongation: If the renter wishes to prolong the rental period, he/she must contact and explicitly confirm this to Gogo Costa, in writing, at least 24 hours before the rental date’s expiration. The shortest rental period at prolongation is 1 day (24 hours). At prolongation, the conditions in the original contract remain in force.
  1. Missing delivery within contract expiration date: The vehicle is immediately reported stolen if it fails to be delivered after the ended rental period or its prolongation.
  1. The vehicle must be delivered in Gogo Costa’s installations before expiration of the agreed rental period in accordance with this clause. The vehicle must be delivered on the location specified in the contract.
  1. The vehicle must be delivered in Gogo Costa’s installations before expiration of the agreed rental period in accordance with this clause. The vehicle must be delivered on the location specified in the contract.
  1. In the event of a vehicle breakdown or if the vehicle is involved in an accident after the expiry of the rental period, the renter is obligated to compensate all damages and expenses since the vehicle is not insured without a valid contract.
  1. Prices: Gogo Costa’s ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICES consist of unlimited kilometer, in Spanish law obligatory determined insurance and value added tax (VAT). The rental prices are adapted to the current prices available to the public in the rental office, which the renter confirms to have revised ahead of entering this contract, specifically with reference to the type of vehicle and contract type this contract implies. The rental prices are specified in euros. The rental prices do not include fuel.
  1. Insurance: The insurance include hull (CDW, Collision, Damage Waiver), fire and theft of the actual vehicle (does not cover simply theft as a result of negligence). The insurance does not cover a replacement car in case of any given damage. The insurance does not cover change of tires. The insurance (CDW and TP) contains excess in agreement with the price list. In case of an accident involving a third party, the excess only covers if the renter has submitted the information mentioned in section 10a, 10b, and 10c to Gogocosta. Under no circumstances does the insurance cover personal items left, stored or transported in the vehicle. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BELONGINGS IN THE VEHILE AND ALWAYS LOCK SECURELY.
  1. In case of an accident, or criminal offence against the vehicle (see no. 11), the renter is obligated to: a) immediately notify the police. b) complete notification of damage according to the official formula available in the vehicle with minimum information on the counter-party’s license plate, name, address, insurance company, and, as far as possible, their insurance policy number. c) Short and precise describe the incident and note the names on potential witnesses. d) Do not acknowledge fault or agree on settlements in connection with the incident. e) Do not leave the vehicle without utilizing appropriate precautions to secure it against further damage, by locking and placing it as no inconvenience for traffic. f) immediately notify Gogo Costa by calling Gogo Costa is not obliged to offer the renter a new vehicle in case of an accident or a criminal offence. Gogocosta is not obliged to offer the renter a new vehicle in case of an accident or a criminal offence.
  1. Criminal offence against a vehicle: a) Theft of the vehicle. b) Theft of external or internal parts, e.g. wheels, tires, seats. c) Forced entry resulting in damages of glass or the bodywork. Vandalism against vehicle. Criminal offence against the vehicle covers, but is not limited, to the above-mentioned examples.
  1. Unauthorized use of the vehicle: The renter(s) is obligated to operate the vehicle in accordance to the precautions that the vehicle’s features encompass, to respect the Road Traffic Act applicable for motor vehicles, and to avoid any situation, which could possibly damage the vehicle or a third party. Unauthorized use covers the following examples: a) the vehicle is used to drag or push other vehicles. b) driving in places not intended or appropriated for public traffic, like beaches and car racing tracks. c) driving in places, and in such a way, that the undercarriage could be damaged. d) to ignore warning signals and lamps on the vehicle’s instrument panel. e) Transportation of goods or animals in the rental vehicle. f) Transportation of people or goods that directly or indirectly involves payment to the renter. g) subleasing the vehicle. h) To carry more people than the vehicle is registered to in agreement with the number of seat belts. i) To load baggage or other things on the roof (it is not allowed to install a roof rack). j) To drive the vehicle while tired, exhausted, ill, or under the influence of alcohol, medication or narcotics. k) Negligent driving and handling of the vehicle. l) Driving in violation with the Road Traffic Act. m) The vehicle is driven by a person not authorized in the contract as either driver or additional driver. n) To leave the Iberian Peninsula with the vehicle. o) To use the vehicle after the rental contract’s expiration. Unauthorized use of the vehicle entitles Gogo Costa to immediately cancel the rental contract and make the responsible, authorized renters and drivers solidary liable for compensation for the damages or loses that may occur in consequence. E.g. repair of damages on the vehicle, lost rental income, transportation expenses, parking and towage, and in general any other documented expense that, directly or indirectly, is inflicted on Gogocosta as a consequence of unauthorized used.

12.1. No smoking policy: Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle. Gogo Costa requests that one shows consideration the next renter of the vehicle and thus refrains from smoking.

  1. Driver(s): By renting a vehicle in the groups B-D, referring to our price lists, the driver must have attained the age of 25 years. Concerning all other groups, the minimum age is 25 years. Drivers being 85 years or older must contract for a senior driver insurance. The renter must be in possession of a valid driver license and must have had the license for at least a year at the time the vehicle is rented. Potential joint renter(s) must be approved by Gogo Costa and they must fulfill the demands issued for the renter and must be mentioned by name in the rental contract and countersign the rental contract together with the renter.
  1. Joint and several liability: Any renter and/or authorized additional driver have joint and several liability for all, for the renter, valid liabilities mentioned in existing contract, as well as practicable legislation for the same.
  1. Loss of car keys: The renter will be charged the costs of the fabrication of new keys. In any case, it is the responsibility of the renter to pay all expenses connected to the delivery of spare keys.
  1. Abandoned items: By the expiration of the rental period, the owner is obligated to empty the vehicle of his/her belongings. Gogocosta is not responsible for items located in the vehicle.
  1. Traffic violations: The renter must pay all fines and financial costs in connection with breaches of the law of any kind, occurring during the rental period. Gogo Costa must always be notified about any ticket imposed on the driver or the vehicle. The payment of fines is not covered by any of the provided insurances. An administrative fee on 42€ is charged for expedition of the fine. Payment of the fine is not included in the administrative fee. If the vehicle is seized by authorities due to the renter’s actions, or lack of same, the renter is, regardless of the cause, responsible for this and must keep Gogo Costa financially claim-free for costs in this context.
  1. Fuel: As a service to the renter, the vehicle is delivered with a full tank. If the renter refuels during the rental period, it is the renter’s responsibility to refuel with the correct type of fuel. Damages caused by the refueling of an incorrect type of fuel are not covered by insurance.
  1. Maintenance of the vehicle: The renter is obligated to maintain the vehicle in as good a condition as when received. Repairs on workshops or change of spare parts are only allowed based on preceding written and explicit authorization from Gogo Costa. Without a preceding authorization and accept by cost estimate from the workshop that performs the repair, the payment of workshop expenses and spare parts are exclusively chargeable to the renter.
  1. Special cleanup fee: If the vehicle’s condition exceeds the normal cleaning procedure due to sand, animal hair, or excessive dirt, a special cleanup fee will be charged on at least 50€.
  1. Payment: All payments are paid in advance. Gogo Costa reserves the right to demand, depending on the circumstances, a deposit for the rent. It is possible to pay this deposit with most credit cards.
  1. Framework agreement: Existing rental conditions are regarded as a framework agreement and is applicable for all agreements that the renter contracts with Gogocosta.
  1. Use of personal information: Cf. EU’s data regulation concerning personal data (EU 2016/679) (GDPR) and in agreement with article 13, please refer to anexo.
  1. Jurisdiction and existing legislation: This rental contract is subjected to Spanish legislation. Partners submit to jurisdictions and courts of law where the rental contract is entered or on the consumer’s address.